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Shelley Lewis

Entrepreneur, Equanimity Consultant, Editor

We need a Revolution in Tenderness

Working on our Beingness has never been more important. What the world needs now are people of heart and ingenuity capable of evolving consciousness on the planet. People who combine their imaginative freedoms with their entrepreneurial talent to make a positive impact.

Whatever faith we prescribe to, invoking civility and tenderness in this moment, and expressing vulnerability through intimacy is an act of power. Let the leader be the Healer.


The beauty of this great re-set is that it has given us the opportunity to rebirth a new way of being in the world; one where we are not just in harmony with our fellow men but with nature herself. These awarenesses aren’t privileges anymore, they are prerequisites for us to survive.

The advent of AI will challenge us in ways that we can’t imagine. Connecting to our own humanity through the power of love to gain influence within and influence in the world will be our saving grace.

What I am passionate about

Life purpose is not an end-goal. It is a refined way of being in the present moment. An internal compass that guides day-today and big picture decision making around the use of our most precious, non-renewable resources: time, energy and attention.

Shelley is not only an exceptional creative visionary but also a person with a mighty and most beautiful heart. I encourage you to work and collaborate with her.

– Alexandra Feldner
Founder, Shine Your Light

Shelley is intuitive .. trailblazer… with a golden heart…

– Jade Dressler, Creative Director NYC

Shelley is an inspiration. Her passion, drive and creativity led me to become her first investor.

– Mo Gawdat – former Chief Business Officer Google X, founder One Billion Happy

What is Spiritual Entrepreneurship?

Spirituality is an internal awareness, a sacred connection to oneself and ones work, a bond with the soul and the spirit that speaks of your relationship to yourself and the Universe.

When your purpose is bigger than your individuality and tied into the service of humanity an ocean of potential energy is made available to you. That is your spirit connecting to source and acting as a guide. You know you are a spiritual entrepreneur if you are unequivocally guided by spirit to do something.

If you are no longer believing in the old story – but are free, open, receptive – fully here –  undistracted by the workings of your own mind – you’ll be able to hear the voice of your own calling.

Do not subscribe to a predictable future instead create one that is unique to YOU. To let your deep intuition guide you, to discover and pursue your Soul’s Calling, this is the work of the Spiritual Entrepreneur.




Shelley A. Lewis

Shelley is an entrepreneur designing forward-thinking lifestyle brands in publishing, wellness, and the arts with the mission to help people live well. From her early twenties, when she published an award-winning children’s book, A Key To The Heart, receiving accolades from both the First Lady,

Laura Bush, and Ms. JK Rowling to founding Sacred Space in 2014 as a means to help New Yorkers find their inner calm, Shelley is on the forefront of designing creative lifestyle solutions. Blending her life experiences and successes in guiding high performance individuals with inner guidance practices, she helps individuals live more authentic and heart centered lives. Shelley holds a Master of Arts from Glasgow University and is a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism. She currently splits her time between Abu Dhabi and London.
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Sustainability is really just a proxy for Spirituality.

At The House of SAL, I utilise a global network of thought leaders and a world class team of creatives to help you actualise your vision.

I apply my artistic talent, entrepreneurial drive and highly intuitive nature to develop projects that positively impact humanity.

Having spent almost two decades living between New York City and London, I have been navigating the worlds of consciousness and creativity for nearly twenty years as an entrepreneur, consultant and coach.

Have a positive impact project in the sustainability space that you want to develop? Need help with brand dna, global impact, essence?

My goal is to help people live in spiritual alignment with who they are and what they do.

My personal vision is to guide children to become spiritual stewards of the planet, guide adults live more awakened and heart centered lives and help birth ideas that evolve consciousness.

What is your Sacred Contract?

Latest Projects

Sacred Spaces

Designing the next generation of a Sacred Space infused with 21st century wellbeing technologies to aid in human flourishing with designer Ross Lovegrove.

Learn more

Latest Projects

The Soul Advice Fund

Driven from the heart of female entrepreneurship, The Soul Advice Fund ® is the next evolution of a Donor Advised Fund; an ecosystem where ideas that embrace the soul of ESG impact are birthed.      

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