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Equanimity Consulting

Meet the experiences of your life with grace and wisdom

Gain Sovereignty Over Your Own Experience

As human beings, we don’t pay much attention to the Inner Work. How our perceptions influence our reality, how each small display of emotion requires an inner energy component. The Meditative tradition is based on understanding the power of the mind,
of how our reality takes shape within us. Restoring the mind to its natural state of ease, helps us process life and show up to each moment with more serenity and grace. So one might say that the aim of meditation is how we find more ‘Harmony of Being’ or Equanimity as I like to call it.

What does this mean? It means… how do we tackle the human grasping towards pleasure, aversion and craving that dominates the human experience and build up states of wellness (resilience, creativity, perseverance, flexibility) that help move us move from a state of Chaos to Calm. When we practice mindfulness meditation we are really studying the quality and texture of our experience. If peace and harmony is the goal we might think of the breath as the arrow – our means of helping us get there.

My goals in working with you

Underlying our everyday thoughts is an ever-present state of inner quiet, which is a gateway to a profound sense of joy, clarity, and inner freedom. Through accessing the power of stillness in our lives we center ourselves from the chaos and tap into the subtle body which is the seat of our intuitive power and strength. Raise your vibration by letting go of anything that is not real and authentic in your life. When we possess Equanimity we live a life of grace and freedom no matter what shows up.


Work with the nature of ourselves to:

  • Aim to respond and not react
  • Increase your adaptation energy
  • Find greater clarity and presence
  • Increase your sense of calm
  • Experience more groundedness
  • Feel more presence in your daily life
  • Increase your focus and performance
  • Tap into your highest Calling

How we practice

The Process:
This six week course is One-on-One over Zoom or in person in London. Each module is 60-75 minutes long to suit your schedule and contains a weekly meditation practice plus Sadhana daily exercises to do on your own in between each session to help integrate the practice of equanimity into your daily life.


The Realisation:
The only state we are ever in control of is the one we are hosting inside of ourselves in any given moment. We can’t alter what happens to us but we can alter how we respond. We need to learn to navigate the transitions and stay true to ourselves.

1.) Stillness. The Art of Savoring. Mindfulness isn’t a technique, it’s a way of being. Paying attention to the present moment non-judgmentally.

2.) Breath. The Joy of the Inhale. We fuel the breath and the breath becomes a mirror for whatever is going on with us.

3.) Thoughts. Thoughts as Clouds. The Art of Labelling and becoming the observer of your thoughts.

4.) Rhythm. Touch and Go Principle. The Art of Gracefully Surrendering. “The bird of paradise never lands on the hand that grasps.”

5.) Heart Letting your Insight Rise. Being in love isn’t about connecting to one person it’s about connecting to many things in a loving way.

6.) Pure Awareness. The power of a Blank Canvas. Free of conditioned thought you can create anything you want.


Working with Shelley has been transformational. I experienced myself for myself in a positive altered state. She simply is the best at her craft.


Shelley is a born healer.. an old soul, her technique is cutting edge, instant and powerful.


Voted New York’s Doyenne of Inner Calm in the city that never sleeps…


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