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The Soul Advice Fund

Channeling Wealth

The Soul Advice Fund is a charitable giving vehicle and creative agency fuelling female led conscious endeavours in the spiritual impact and wisdom space. We act as both creator and conduit for ideas that help evolve human consciousness on the planet.

Allowing donors to 
focus on those individuals who are pursuing 
their cosmology and purpose with passion; funding those entrepreneurs who are generating at capacity ideas 
that inspire positive change and social good.

Driven from the heart of female entrepreneurship, The Soul Advice Fund ® is the next evolution of a Donor Advised Fund; an ecosystem where ideas that embrace the soul of spiritual impact are birthed.


“Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch those are masculine brands – Sallie Krawcheck Ellevest.”   


” The challenges facing humanity today can only be resolved by a rise in consciousness.  We can not create sustainable solutions for the planet unless we have first created a sustainable consciousness inside of ourselves.”

The traditional methods of spirituality lack scale and social impact businesses that can scale are burdened by profitability pressures. There is a need for breakthrough innovation in the spirituality and consciousness space that fits 21st century giving.


The Climate

Over the next 25 years, women will become the largest beneficiaries of this $30 trillion intergenerational wealth transfer.  We believe in creating a vehicle for that transference of wealth that that moves away from profit-maximising toward relationship-focusing; a new paradigm for investing one’s wealth into positive impact causes that is female focused. 50% of the worlds wealth is occupied by 25 families.

Helping the younger generation custodian their wealth into ideas that can help shift consciousness on the planet.

The Concept

Introducing a new concept into the Philanthrosphere; The Soul Advice Fund allows donors to focus on those people who are pursuing their Cosmology and Purpose with Passion. The Soul Advice Fund explores new ways of conceiving and approaching philanthropy and the beneficence of Giving. Funding not only those ideas of merit but those individuals generating at capacity ideas that inspire positive change and social good. Our promise to you is Authenticity in Giving.

“Matching ideas of soulful elegance with the impact-oriented capital they require to succeed.”

Sample projects from our 2022 lookbook


Training by Dr. Scilla Elworthy

The heart is the key to transformation and we all have the capacity to cultivate the necessary skills for the transformation of conflict and crises.

Over the course of ten weekly modules, delivered by change makers and experts, this course demonstrates how tension can be used as a source for transformation and provides you with the skills and tools to meet and transform whatever conflict or crisis you’re facing.rnThe course shows how learning so-called ‘soft skills’ can address the fundamental problems now facing humanity. Our vision is to bring change-makers and experts on heart intelligence into corporations and conflict zones to build resilience and self-awareness.rnThe Mighty Heart course is a lighthouse to find your way back to your heart to open up to find your real compassion! Angela Gallenz, Head of Human Resources, Central Europe H&M

Learn more

Team Angel

A Sufi-inspired approach to Healing.

Offering spiritual sustenance for children in refugee camps in the Holy Land and beyond. Culturally sensitive healing camps for children who have suffered the effects of war and trauma.

“A soothing balm for children affiliated by war in war-ravaged nations offering peace, love, hope, and tenderness”

Through prayer, meditation, movement, storytelling and the telling of Arabic tales, Team Angel enters crisis situations to hold sacred space for children’s stories and pain through the healing arts.

Teachings and stories and practices inspired by the Holy Quran and Sunnah. In collaboration with energy healer, Khalid Waleed, founder of Mi’raj healing. Mi’raj means ‘ascension’ in Sufi terminology, referring to the soul rising to higher levels of spirituality through healing and drawing on Abrahamic wisdom to support healing with connection to the divine.

Solving the Equation

The World is on its axis and we can only survive through balance and the interconnected whole. At The Soul Advice Fund we want to build a new model for investing that is based on feminine principles; authority without coercion, integrity over polarity. We want to stop embodying masculine traits to succeed and build a new model; one that honors cooperation, empathy and compassion.

Key Identifiers

Philanthropy 4.0 adding the element of Soul to the Impact (ESG) Equation.

The Gold Standard for Giving in the Spirituality and Transcendence space.

The Inspiring Feminine; a new language for investing based on the Feminine.

Self-Actualisation through the Gift of Philanthropy; our annual Soul’s Blueprint wellness retreat.

Keys to Success

World Class Team

Unparalleled Global Network

Ideation Capacity

Key Goals

Establish Fund 1 for a total of 1.5 million USD.


Team & Advisors

Trustee & Transparency Officer

Each Soul Advice Fund will reflect the ideal of its Visionary Founder but must first pass through a strict due diligence phase undertaken by our appointed Trustee and Transparency Officer, Dr Barnaby Marsh.

Dr. Barnaby Marsh.

trained at Harvard, Cornell and Oxford, and has been involved in the design, review, and funding of hundreds of scientific projects exploring spiritual topics; wisdom, creativity, imagination, virtue, complexity and human genius. He is co-founder of Saint Partners, the elite philanthropy service that helps the world’s most dedicated philanthropists channel their wealth, influence and desire for meaning towards social good.

How you can get involved

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Our vision is to raise 10 X 10 Spiritual Impact funds ( SIF’s) globally.

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