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On the pristine beaches of the southern most tip of Africa, just miles from the South African border lies a wilderness like no other. Built in the style of a Zulu fortress, Kupulangu’s hilltop residence is a spectacle even for the most discerning traveller. Protected nature and pristine beaches, Kupulangu is like your own private Aman resort, a five bedroom oasis with a full time staff of 10 to cater to your everyday needs. Mosquito free with a permanent gentle breeze and only a short two hour drive from the closest natural game reserve, Sacred Space, Kupulangu, represents the ultimate wellness experience.

This holistic retreat blends healing practices with outdoor activities and daily dharma talks. Sound healing, star gazing and horse back riding are all part of the curriculum as you take in the natural beauty of this outstanding landscape. Boasting a 360° view of the Manchagulo peninsula with a private beach where the humpback whales come to ween their young in season, this artfully thought out wellness journey is designed to let nature reconnect you back to your own heart and rhythm as you re-discover your sacred ground within. In this six day healing immersion we focus on breathing life back into those parts of ourselves that have been hidden from view.

Let the earth skies of Africa, re-awaken your senses as you enjoy the serenity and majesty of this Indian Ocean jewel.

Upcoming Retreat Date: November 21 – 28th 2022

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Morning Orientation and Grounding Meditation.


The Art of Seeing: If you can not gaze deeply into yourself. You can not gaze deeply into the other.

Beach Walk.


Sunset Yoga.

Sacred Oil massage. relaxation period.

Dinner. Evening mediation.


Morning Yoga. Breakfast.

The word spiritual comes from the latin wordSpiritus’ which means to breathe spirit or life back into.

Embodiment Training. Beach Ride.

Beachside lunch. Relaxation Period.

Slow Yoga. Zulu Dinner. Star Gazing.